Imagine being terrified of technology. Being fearful to leave the home, afraid to connect with friends and scared that if you do not follow every single rule, the all-seeing devices in your home will know – and so will your abuser.


It’s a sad fact that cases of technology facilitated abuse are on the rise and even well meaning applications and devices are being manipulated to cause real-world harm. Those same technologies that connect and protect us are being exploited to exert an unprecedented level of control over victims.

This next event in our virtual series will outline five principles for making technology resistant to being used as a weapon in abusive relationships and explore how a thoughtful approach to the design of technology can make it inherently safer. These principles were created during an IBM-led initiative on coercive control resistant design. Our speakers are Lesley Nuttall, who led the initiative, and Jess Evans who was in the team. They’ll introduce us to the principles and lead a short discussion after.

About the speakers

Jess Evans is a Technical Consultant at IBM, focused on delivering Cloud solutions in the Public Sector. She works closely with businesses to understand their business strategy and user needs to ensure a fulfilling outcome. Jess joined the Coercive Control Resistant Design team to try and help users regain understanding and control of their technology and data in this ever-connected world of Cloud and IoT.

Lesley Nuttall works in IBM Security Expert Labs liaising closely with customers from a range of industries, offering technical guidance and advice. She has spent time in the technical support trenches, been parachuted onto numerous sites to resolve critical situations and worked on various projects. Lesley’s career has always had a technical focus, but at its foundation is compassion. This is what drew her to become co-author of the ‘Coercive Control Resistant Design‘ paper, aimed at improving the lives of some of society’s most vulnerable people.

Our events are for adults aged 16 years and over.

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Webinar: Empower through design: making technology inherently safer
Date and time
Thursday 15 October, 12:30pm - 1:00pm
This event is sold out