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In this presentation attendees will learn about the latest developments in natural language processing, the results that can be obtained using current methods and the research that has been undertaken at Huddersfield University to extract meaning from railway hazard and accident reports.

About the speaker

Peter Hughes, Principle Research Fellow at Huddersfield University

Mr Hughes has worked in industry as a railway safety specialist since 1992. He has worked for British Rail in the UK and in Australia as a safety manager for the state railways and advisor to the government. His specialist skills are in risk management, railway safety management systems, and accident investigation.

He is currently researching a PhD in level-crossing safety. For the past five years he has been researching big data and machine learning methods for railway safety data and in particular text mining techniques to extract meaning from railway hazard and accident reports.

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Webinar: Improving railway safety with state-of-the art text analysis
Date and time
Wednesday 7 October, 12:30pm - 1:30pm
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