David Brook, MD of Turnstone Services Ltd, outlines the new process, describes a current agile sourcing project, and in what situations it makes sense to use instead of an RFP.

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Rightly or wrongly, the RFP (request for proposal) or ITT (invitation to tender) process has gained a reputation for being bureaucratic, hard work and not always a productive use of time. A more recent alternative approach, Agile Sourcing, is gaining traction. It features less upfront paperwork and gets you in front of suppliers more quickly, for earlier shortlisting based on your key functionality needs. After seeing the art of the possible, the next phase is a focus on the technical and commercial, with the smaller group of bidders.

David will outline this new process, describe a current agile sourcing project, and in what situations it makes sense to use instead of an RFP. He will move on to show some stark facts taken from analysing 25 real-world IT contracts, and where the customer’s sourcing and negotiation process often fails to address key vulnerabilities and operational exposures. He will finish with some thoughts on how to mitigate these, and the importance of resourcing your ‘buying team’ appropriately.

Attendees will learn:

  • pros and cons of the Agile vs RFP process
  • a current agile sourcing process
  • in what situations it makes sense to use Agile over RFP
  • real-world findings on the exposures and vulnerabilities found in IT contracts
  • how to resource the ideal buying team

About the speaker

David Brook, Managing Director of Turnstone Services Ltd
David is the founder of Turnstone and is passionate about the importance of effective IT sourcing, fair contracts and vendor management. He is an advocate that ‘DIY’ is no longer the only option for clients buying technology. With a background in industry and PwC consulting, David brings a wealth of practical experience to the increasingly commercial world of IT.

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Webinar: Is Agile sourcing the death of the RFP?
Date and time
Tuesday 13 October, 6:30pm - 7:30pm
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