Our annual joint meeting with BCS Women specialist group is taking a wider view this year, embracing not just at Women in Open Source, but Inclusivity in general in Open Source.

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We have three leaders of international open source organisations, who will share their experience of getting to the top as members of under represented groups. Our speakers are role models for the engineering community, and we look forward to hearing their stories, and how they inspire the next generation.

Our MC for the evening is Prof Cornelia Boldyreff.

About the speakers

Calista Redmond

Calista Redmond, CEO RISC-V InternationalCalista Redmond, CEO RISC-V International

Calista Redmond is the CEO of RISC-V International with a mission to expand and engage RISC-V stakeholders, compel industry adoption, and increase visibility and opportunity for RISC-V within and beyond RISC-V International. Prior to RISC-V International, Calista held a variety of roles at IBM, including Vice President of IBM Z Ecosystem where she led strategic relationships across software vendors, system integrators, business partners, developer communities, and broader engagement across the industry. Focus areas included execution of commercialization strategies, technical and business support for partners, and matchmaker to opportunities across the IBM Z and LinuxOne community. Calista’s background includes building and leading strategic business models within IBM’s Systems Group through open source initiatives including OpenPOWER, OpenDaylight, and Open Mainframe Project. For OpenPOWER, Calista was a leader in drafting the strategy, cultivating the foundation of partners, and nurturing strategic relationships to grow the org from zero to 300+ members. While at IBM, she also drove numerous acquisition and divestiture missions, and several strategic alliances. Prior to IBM, she was an entrepreneur in four successful start-ups in the IT industry. Calista holds degrees from the University of Michigan and Northwestern University.

Rob Knight, CTO, Enterprise Cloud Products at SUSERob Knight, CTO, Enterprise Cloud Products at SUSE

Rob Knight

Rob is SUSE’s CTO for Enterprise Cloud Products, and is responsible for SUSE’s overall strategy and vision for Application Delivery. He has been working with containers in production environments since before Kubernetes was released, and played a critical role in taking SUSE’s Application Delivery Solutions to market. He’s been working in the Application Delivery space for over 12 years at a variety of companies, and speaks daily to customers, partners, press and analysts on the future of the Application Delivery marketplace.

Our events are for adults aged 16 years and over.

This event is brought to you by: BCS Open Source specialist group and BCSWomen

Webinar: Inclusivity in Open Source
Date and time
Thursday 15 April, 6:00pm - 8:30pm
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