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The world is becoming increasingly 'Software Defined'.

In this new world, application development and the deployment of those applications needs to move at an unprecedented pace. Businesses and consumers exist in a landscape of applications accessed using multiple devices across multiple platforms, with increasingly high expectations of reliability, performance, functionality and security.

Application developers need to be able to iteratively improve, scale and secure their software, while meeting those demands. The infrastructure platforms for these applications face similar demands, with operators tasked with supporting increasingly large and complex platforms.

Traditional application and infrastructure design and thinking are struggling to meet these requirements.

In this talk we'll provide some perspective on how we reached this point, and suggest how we can make progress by creating 'Modern' applications and platforms.

We'll discuss application architecture patterns, such as Microservices, Service Mesh and Function-as-a-Service, and how modern infrastructure, such as Containers and Container Orchestration can help to support these patterns. We'll also look at how these ideas can bring a more complete and complementary vision to the people working in these areas, whether as application developers or in infrastructure teams.

About the speaker

Tony Scully

Tony has many years’ experience in Information Technology, particularly in the design and operation of compute, network and storage infrastructure in large organisations.

In recent years he has worked at software vendors in this space, including Red Hat and Sysdig. Currently he works as a Staff Field Engineer in VMware’s Modern Applications Business Unit, helping customers deploy and operate platforms built on Kubernetes.

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Webinar: Modern applications and platforms
Date and time
Thursday 15 April, 6:00pm - 8:00pm
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