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John Higgins CBE FBCS, BCS President 2021-2022


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We’ve been hugely successful in persuading people of the benefits of tech (and the pandemic’s accelerated this) but there are rising anxieties about tech and tech related issues.

How has society reacted to these anxieties? How can society build confidence in the IT world?

John has answers ... so bring more questions.

John Higgins CBE

About the speaker

John is a digital leader with a strong technical background and awareness of current technology issues.

He was Director General of DIGITALEUROPE, the association for the digital technology industry in Europe until 2017, following nine years leading its UK member association, TechUK. In Spring of 2017 he became Chair of the Global Digital Foundation, and has advisory roles with BCW, a global communications company; the EU’s Intelligent Cities Challenge and the University of Warwick’s European university collaboration, Eutopia.

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Webinar: Techlash – all in the past or is a second wave coming?
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Wednesday 7 April, 7:00pm - 8:30pm
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