Blockchain technology has started to take centre stage as more people are investing in Cryptocurrency, is this an opportunity or threat?

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Blockchain technology has started to take centre stage as more people are investing in Cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more organisations are now willing to accept crypto currency as a form of payment.

During the Webinar we will explore the opportunities offered by Decentralised Finance systems powered by Blockchain technology as well the social and regulatory impacts of them.

In particular we will look into what opportunities new technologies offer the banking and financial systems, and what currently holds them back from implementing them, in particular regulatory and other social constraints.

About the speakers

Iraj Idafar - Director of Potamo Consulting
Iraj Idafar is an expert in finance systems and tax compliance and is the director of Potamo Consulting, a company specialising in systems and processes for Financial and tax compliance.

In his 25 years in business and finance, he understands first hand the challenges of legacy technologies and constraints imposed on organisations due to regulatory frameworks.

Iraj has worked closely with many technology companies who have developed Blockchain technology and are the leaders in the field.

Giorgio Grimesty - Computer Science Undergraduate at King's College London
Giorgio Grimesty is a Computer Science Undergraduate at King's College London. He is an aspiring investment banker and cryptocurrency hobbyist. Giorgio’s first encounter with blockchain was mining Bitcoin from a PC he built when he was 16, and that sent him down the rabbit hole that was cryptocurrency, decentralised finance and blockchain use cases.

His hobbies include learning about financial markets, collecting watches and going out to bars. At BCS, he has the opportunity to present to like minded individuals who are interested in learning about the future of decentralised finance and bring to light some of the regulatory issues it raises.

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Webinar: DeFi - Opportunity or Threat to the Financial System?
Date and time
Wednesday 18 August, 6:30pm - 8:00pm
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