The presentation will be approximately an hour in length including questions and answers.

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Jira is an industry standard tool for managing projects with an agile project approach and within a controlled business environment. This presentation will explain how Jira is used, to manage the delivery of business benefits with an organisation.

The presentation will be based on a public sector project approach to managing multiple projects; from Policy changes through the project management office to each instance of a project and its associated project activities. The presentation will illustrate how Jira supports the management through reporting on work performed.

The COVID pandemic has driven the need for delivery teams to adapt behaviours and ways of working that allow visibility and measures to be applied across the full delivery life-cycle and made available to ALL key stakeholders in a consistent and easy to understand manner.

This presentation describes how this has been achieved exploiting the Atlassian JIRA / Confluence products by building full governance compliance across the life-cycle in a seamless manner and also enabling a ‘Self Service’ suite of reporting dashboards that will, in real time, offer ALL key stakeholders a view on both progress but also delivery efficiency being achieved.

1. (10 Mins) Setting the scene:

  • The Atlassian toolset (JIRA / Confluence) - Cloud version
  • The governance model and key stakeholders
  • The delivery approach and the Agile toolkit
  • A simple distinction between measure and monitor
  • The reference standards

2. (30 Mins) The delivery lifecycle:

  • Annual planning / Approval cycle - Estimation and value
    - Governance and stakeholders - what’s in it for them
  • Kanban and Scrum board setup (monitor versus measure)
    - Governance and stakeholders - what’s in it for them
  • Epic and feature breakdown - Programme alignment
    - Governance and stakeholders - what’s in it for them
  • Feature and story breakdown and sprint planning
    - Governance and stakeholders - what’s in it for them

3. (10 Mins) Efficiency / quality measures to drive continual improvement:

  • Resource allocation and utilisation
  • Velocity and cycle time metrics
  • Templates and peer quality reviews

4. Formal hand-offs between disciplines built into the JIRA workflow

  • Ordered Q
  • 3Amigos complete
  • Dev walk through

5. Bug management, prioritisation and remediation

6. (10 Mins) Q&A

About the speaker

Mr Leo Begen

Leo is an experienced Technical Programme / Project Delivery Manager with a track record of successful delivery across various sectors including energy and utilities, financial services and most recently public sector finance.

He places significant value on people and teamwork and will actively cultivate strong team bonds that will actively support the delivery and achievement of project goals. He is a keen advocate of standards across the full delivery life-cycle as a boundary reference choosing only those that add value and support team achievement of goals.

His early career was spent as a programmer using visual development tools and both MS and Oracle databases that sparked a real passion for architectural design and modelling - again standards based (TOGAF, OMG and UML). Using solution design / modelling skills, he moved into architectural design at enterprise level and spent several years (circa 10) as the UK Head of the Design Authority for a global utility across both the energy networks and corporate divisions.

A move to finance offered exposure to Lean / Agile delivery and once again he was hooked. For the past almost 8 years Leo has been delivering business outcomes in a measurably efficient manner exploiting the tools and techniques that accompany Agile delivery.

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Webinar: Managing projects using Jira
Date and time
Wednesday 8 December, 6:30pm - 7:30pm
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