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  • Webinar: Effective stress control for IT job seekers and contractors

How to take control of your mind and career to succeed in 2021.


Karen Dunbar - Career Coach & Personal Branding Expert, The CV & Interview Advisors


19:15 - Webinar starts
20:15 - Webinar ends


One thing is for certain, with COVID-19, economic gloom, lockdown, Brexit and IR35, life is stressful for many people. Soldiering on is admirable, but stress is incredibly dangerous to our health and being able to manage stress is crucial to success in 2021.

Whether you are an active job seeker, passive job seeker or contractor, this upcoming webinar will help you to understand, control and manage your stress. The session will have a career-based theme, homing in on some practical interventions to help you drive forward your career in 2021.

For many people, securing a new role will be an antidote for many stressors, so as well as the science and psychology of stress management, the session will also cover some quick wins on improving your marketability, including advice around CVs and LinkedIn.

This isn’t just a low-level top ten tips session; this comprehensive online workshop is delivered by Karen Dunbar of The CV & Interview Advisors - an accredited stress management professional who has extensive experience of working with job seekers and contractors in the IT sector. Karen is also a seasoned career coach and personal branding specialist.

About the speaker

Karen Dunbar is an accredited stress management professional and has the following credentials:

ABNLP - Certified Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming
ABNLP - Accredited NLP Coach
American Board of Hypnotherapy - Practitioner of Hypnosis
CERTA - Advanced Stress Management Coaching and Consultancy Professional (studied through Stonebridge Associated Colleges)

This event is brought to you by: The CV & Interview Advisors and supported by BCS London Central branch

Webinar: Effective stress control for IT job seekers and contractors
Date and time
Thursday 25 February, 7:15pm - 8:15pm
This event is sold out