Our panel of experts, involved in the first formative years of primary care IT, recall the good times (and bad) from their early experiences.

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To celebrate forty years since the foundation of the Primary Health Care specialist group, and the publication of the Royal College of GPs seminal paper ‘Computers in Primary Care’, we bring together a panel of experts who were closely involved in the early developments of medical computing. They will talk about the fun, the excitement, and the personalities of those heady days in general practice, as well as describe how and why we ended up with the primary care systems we have now.

The event, which is being hosted by broadcaster and former GP Robert Treharne Jones, includes panellists Glyn Hayes, the President of the PHCSG; John Williams, FCI Council Member; Ewan Davis, founder of AAH Meditel; Sheila Teasdale, the former director of PRIMIS; David Stables, co-founder of EMIS; nurse practitioner Cheryl Cowley; and Mike Bainbridge, former Clinical Architect to Connecting for Health.

From the days before email and the Internet, topics under discussion will include the very early systems, the Micros for GPs project of 1982, the mass uptake with the ‘no-cost option’ systems, the development of clinical codes, and the use of complex data sets to improve patient care.

This event is brought to you by: Primary Health Care specialist group (PHCSG)

Webinar: GP computing – the first ten years
Date and time
Thursday 4 February, 6:00pm - 8:00pm
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