Or are we in a new age of financial innovation?

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The wave of innovation in financial services has resulted to Open Banking being used by consumers with financial apps provided by authorised financial providers helping consumers manage their finances and enabling the development of new products for consumers.

In this fireside chat, Ezechi will look at the rise and concerns about Open Banking. Why are consumers worried about Open Banking? Are there valid concerns? Ezechi discusses the advantages of the wider adoption of Open Banking and its role in fintech innovation.

Ezechi will use his expertise as a Principal and CTO at a Venture Capital firm and former co-founder of Neyber a multi-award-winning Fintech firm to discuss this topic.

About the speaker

Ezechi Britton

A tech founder with over 15 years experience in FinTech. Ez’s journey has taken him from Software Developer to Co-Founder and CTO to Venture Capital.

He is currently a Founding Member, Principal and CTO in Residence at Impact X Capital Partners LLP a venture fund focused on supporting underrepresented entrepreneurs.

He is the Co-Founder of Code Untapped, a digital skills accelerator that helps companies find innovative product solutions by giving them access to diverse and underrepresented technologists through their innovation labs events.

He is a former Co-Founder of Neyber a multi-award-winning Fintech firm focused on financial wellbeing, where he was the founding CTO and held numerous roles during his tenure including brand ambassador and NED.

Ez also advises a number of boards. He is currently advisor to the board of UKITL (UK IT Leaders Network) and Albany Group. Ez is also a NED for Findexable the real-time Fintech Index.

You can find him Ez on LinkedIn and Twitter  

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Webinar: Open Banking - a False Promise?
Date and time
Wednesday 24 February, 6:00pm - 8:00pm
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