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5G in conjunction with IoT, AI and Cloud technologies will drive a significant digital transformation to fulfill the requirements of the fully connected, digitalized carbon-neutral society and industries. Unlike the previous generations, 5G is offering not only ultrafast (20 Gbps peak data-rates) but also ultra-reliable, ultra-low-latency (1ms) and massive connectivity capabilities. In comparison with previous generations, 5G also comes with significant architectural and networking innovations including network slicing, private networks and deterministic networks.

The first wave of 5G is aiming at connectivity requirements of specific verticals sectors, including manufacturing, automotive and energy. In the longer term, the expansion of wireless and mobile connectivity to these sectors will pave the way for a 5G-enabled Internet of Verticals (IoV). In this talk, I review key enabling technologies for IoV and describe several IoV application scenarios, including distributed cloud manufacturing, B2B prosumer networks for next generation smart grids and the Internet of Robots (IoR). I wrap up by briefly discuss the role of AI and open standards in 6G.

About the speaker

Prof. Maziar Nekovee, Head of Centre for Advanced Communications, Mobile Technologies and IoT, University of Sussex, UK, Vice Chair NetWorld2020 European Technology Platform

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Webinar: Enabling Technologies and Scenarios for a 5G-enabled Internet of Verticals and the road to 6G
Date and time
Thursday 7 January, 6:30pm - 8:00pm
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