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A rare insider’s view. They are spies you know!

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Why isn’t there more diversity in the computing sector, such as neuro, ethnic and gender? And are you interested in how you could assess if someone has digital aptitude, when they may never have studied computer science in school? Would you want the UK’s cyber teams to be equipped with the contacts and connections to solve the technical problems of tomorrow, in a more holistic and collaborative way? A cyber eco system no less?

If you think these are good questions to answer yes to, then this talk covers how CyberFirst is trying to build and nurture a diverse and inclusive cyber security talent pipeline into the sector. It will also covers how people from outside of the NCSC can get involved too, through our ambassador or bursary programmes, for example.

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About the speaker

"Patrick B", CyberFirst Schools Lead, NCSC/GCHQ

"Patrick B" is the CyberFirst Schools Lead, a new project to support schools in showcasing cyber security to their students. CyberFirst is predominately an NCSC/GCHQ brand, and is part of a strategy to encourage more students to think about cyber as both an important daily life skill, as well as a career aspiration.

Patrick has been in the team for 5 years, since its inception, where he was the technical delivery lead until this new project started. Whilst he has done lots of interesting things in the UK and abroad, he’s not allowed to tell you about most of those! But come to the talk, and you may find out something interesting that he can talk about.

Our events are for adults aged 16 years and over.

Open to members of BCS as well as non-members. All welcome.

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Webinar: Inspiring youth to become digital defenders against the dark arts
Date and time
Wednesday 13 January, 6:00pm - 7:30pm
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