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Alan Milbourne - Policy Lead for Workforce: Digital Skills & Leadership Digital Health & Care Team, Scottish Government


12:00 - Main presentation
13:00 - Close


The impact of COVID-19 has led to the rapid increase and take-up of technology and has required the health and social care sectors to embrace change in practice at an unprecedented pace. Our digital response to COVID-19 has included supporting changes to the way our health and care staff work and deliver services by using digital as an enabler to provide staff with the best possible tools, flexibility and environment to ensure the right level of care to our patients and public.

Although digital skills across the Health & Care workforce have undoubtedly increased during the pandemic, there is still much more to do to realise our national ambition. This is needed to ensure that all have the required competencies and confidence to meaningfully support the recovery of services and aims of national strategy.

There is now the opportunity in line with the forthcoming refresh of the Digital Health & Care Strategy to proactively build on this cultural shift and further develop and deliver our aims for Digital Skills and Leadership across our Health & Care workforce.

Alan Milbourne, Policy Lead for Workforce: Digital Skills & Leadership welcomes the opportunity to present to members of the BCS Health & Care Group to provide a background and current position on the national work on Digital Skills & Leadership, seek comments on our current plans and how we can achieve ongoing collaboration with BCS members and other networks.

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Webinar: Digitally-Enabled Workforce – Presentation
Date and time
Monday 12 July, 12:00pm - 1:00pm
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