You will hear from some amazing speakers about how mentoring can develop your career.


  • Rubi Kaur - Senior Solutions Architect - Vodafone
  • Olivia Wolfheart - Membership Engagement Co-ordinator - BCS
  • Sophie Wendell - Software Engineer at ZOO Digital Group Plc
  • Sam Islam - Systems Engineer at SNC-Lavalin Atkins Rail Consulting
  • Andy Shaw


17:30 - Event starts
19:30 - Event ends


BCS South Yorkshire branch is hosting a mentoring webinar, where you will hear from some amazing speakers about how mentoring can develop your career, whether you are being mentored, mentoring others, or both. Please join us remotely during this unprecedented time.

Mentoring has been and continues to be a powerful way of inspiring and developing someone's career, and many professionals have spoken about how mentoring has benefitted them. Join us for an evening where our speakers, all from different walks of life, talk about their own mentoring experiences (whether being mentored, being a mentor, or both) and how mentoring develops a professional's career, allowing the mentee to tap into the knowledge of someone who has been before them, and how mentees can also inspire mentors to develop themselves further.

About the speakers

Rubi Kaur - Senior Solutions Architect - Vodafone

Rubi Kaur is a Senior Solutions Architect at Vodafone Group for Enterprise new Product Development and is the chair of the Vodafone Women in Technology community network. With over 20 years of managerial and technical lead experience from previous roles at BT, O2 and the UK Government, Rubi has led award-winning teams to win the Business Green IT Team of the year and the UK Government Finance Award for Sustainability. She is a Fellow of the BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT and committee member of BCSWomen, where she works to ensure “IT is good for Society” Rubi is passionate for the encouragement of a progressive, diverse and inclusive IT profession where everyone is empowered and included in our digital society.

Olivia Wolfheart - Membership Engagement Coordinator - BCS

Olivia started her career teaching GCSE computer science at a secondary school in Hampshire. She has also had extensive experience working with students in other capacities, including at a small charity supporting young people with digital skills and online safety. In her role at BCS, Olivia is working on a range of different initiatives to help improve the BCS member experience, including improvements to the BCS Career Mentoring Network. Olivia is passionate about the power of mentoring. She has experienced both being a mentor to young people from disadvantaged backgrounds and has benefitted from career mentoring herself.

Sophie Wendell - Software Engineer at ZOO Digital Group Plc

Sophie is a Software Engineer at ZOO Digital Group Plc and a Community Manager at Sheffield Digital. Sophie is also involved with Sheffield Women in Tech (ShfWiT) and has worked to establish the Sheffield Digital Mentoring Scheme, which has been successful (and continues to do so) in mentoring professionals, inspiring them and developing their careers.

Sam Islam

Sam is a Systems Engineer at SNC-Lavalin Atkins Rail Consulting, who has graduated with an MSc in Renewable Energy and Clean Technology. Sam is involved with the Operations Team at Sheffield Women in Technology and is working towards Chartered status with the IET and CSEP status with INCOSE.

Andy Shaw

Andy began his career as a trainee programmer in London for an industrial placement during his degree, discovering the benefits of mentoring to develop his career and learning from the many mentors who have and continue to inspire him in his career. From graduating from university, he has continually been mentored by many different professionals in all walks of life, who have helped him develop himself. Whilst undertaking a graduate scheme at EDS/HP, he has also mentored other professionals who have developed their careers. Now he mentors university students and professionals who wish to develop careers as testers. Andy has also mentored professionals via the BCS Mentoring Network, as well as through different testing events, and learns as much from them as they do from him. Andy finds mentoring a pleasure and continues to mentor different testers from all walks of life.

Our events are for adults aged 16 years and over.

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Webinar: Adventures in Mentoring!
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Thursday 17 June, 5:30pm - 7:30pm
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