We will analyse the architectures of crypto currencies: bitcoin, etherium and cardano to uncover the similarities and differences of each.

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In the talk, we will explore the architecture of Bitcoin, Etherium, and Cardano blockchains, comparing the intended utilisation, strengths and vulnerabilities of each. In addition, we'll discuss and compare Proof-of-Work, Proof-of-Stake, and Delegated Proof-of-Stake and related implementations. In closing, we'll review the overlap of traditional technologies with distributed technologies to understand the possibilities for future adoption, as well as examples of industry trends and some use cases.

This will not be a financial or investment advice discussion. John will NOT be covering topics such as market capitalisation or token supply and I won’t be making any market predictions. He will go over a short disclaimer during his introductions but he also wants to set expectations ahead of time.

About the speakers

Headline Speaker: John Wotherspoon (Speaker)
John Wotherspoon joined CUVIA Labs as a contributing founding member in 2015. CUVIA is an acronym for the five basic principles of blockchains: 1.Consensus, 2.Unique, 3.Verifiable, 4.Immutable, and 5.Authenticated. CUVIA Labs is a full-service blockchain lab creating decentralised implementations that encourage desired community behaviour through crypto-economic modelling. CUVIA explores emerging blockchain technologies and platforms and identifies leading models for producing products to solve real-world problems.

John works to redefine traditional solutions using consensus and incentivised behaviour models in the public blockchain space. CUVIA is currently developing decentralised financial (Defi) products that support communities with limited access to traditional financial services. These products support communities with value transfer, incentivised savings, charitable distribution, community governance, and workflow authorisation. The utilisation of distributed ledger and distributed storage concepts allows CUVIA Labs to implement verifiable applications that provide proof of accuracy and transparency while incentivising good community behaviour.

Chair: Lorne Mitchell
Lorne Mitchell is the MD of Objective Designers - a boutique consultancy specialising in the application of technology to real-world business problems. He has been the Co-Chair of the BCS Enterprise Architecture Specialist Group for the past six years and has a background in EA and has previously worked for IBM, PwC, AT&T, MCI, BT and the MOD.

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Webinar: Blockchain architecture wars
Date and time
Monday 7 June, 6:00pm - 8:00pm
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