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BCS Learning and Development specialist group.

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In a rapidly evolving world, learning and development is moving to the fore.

Over the past 12 months many organisations have seen substantial changes with their structure, strategy, and outlook. This has given a rise to the advancement of learning cultures, a pull ethos in which staff are identifying what they need to achieve in this new world.

Content is now being delivered online and virtually and accessing it outside the standard L&D delivery programme.

So, without physical workshops, how do we demonstrate a learning culture and present it to our organisational leaders?

About the speaker

Dr Hannah Gore, Learning Experience Consultant
After 13 years at The Open University, Dr Hannah Gore was asked to join Solera’s EMEA division to oversee the development and launch of their internal Business School, to train staff in 46 European countries, with further expansion to 93 countries and 37 companies as part of the company’s 2020 vision.

Hannah joined The Open University in 2005, and developed a range of projects with students and academics, largely in on the theme of improving online communication methods within the web presence of The Open University, which utilised a range of emerging tools, platforms, and techniques to leverage student engagement.

In her last position at The Open University Hannah worked on several projects regarding the impact of social media on student engagement. With the developing movement towards social learning and its use of hosting on third party platforms, Hannah’s portfolio subsequently expanded to Senior Producer at The Open University, creating content for circa 10 million people worldwide. It was within this role coupled with the culmination of her experience across the domain that led to Hannah influencing and leading the development of aspects of The Open University’s free online learning platforms, OpenLearn and FutureLearn, with additional syndication arrangements to third party platforms.

Hannah has worked in both the public and private sections, and has graduated with five qualifications, including an MBA and an MSc, from The Open University. As an advocate of lifelong learning, Hannah was awarded her fifth qualification, a doctorate on the ‘Engagement of Informal Learners Undertaking Open Online Courses and the Impact of Design’, providing the academic field with the largest single source of MOOC engagement data to date.

In her professional career since COVID-19, Hannah undertakes freelance consultancy in a wide range of L&D specialisms, and serves as an Online Executive Panel Member at McKinsey, as well as for think tanks giving views on emerging technologies and the impact of social changes across the industry.

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This event is brought to you by: BCS Learning and Development specialist group

Webinar: The importance of demonstrating a learning culture for organisational survival
Date and time
Tuesday 15 June, 7:00pm - 8:00pm
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