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  • Webinar: The value of mentoring - How mentoring can benefit you and your business

This event is the first in a series of webinars and podcasts discussing the world mentoring.


  • Kevin Dainty - Reed Technology
  • Andrea Palmer - BCS Women
  • Richard Tulley - Sopra Steria
  • Michelle Shakesheff - Close Brothers
  • Charlie Fleming - MEx


16:00 - Webinar starts
17:00 - Webinar ends


This session will specifically focus on what mentoring is, the many forms it takes and how individuals and organisations can fully utilise mentoring to grow and develop.

About the speakers

Kevin Dainty - Reed Technology

Kevin is the founder of the Women in Technology Mentoring Programme, a 900 person community committed to the development of female tech talent. In under 2 years the Women in Technology Mentoring Programme has created 325 mentoring relationships.

Andrea Palmer - BCS Women

Andrea is the chair of BCS Women and an experienced technology and change leader. Andrea hast vast experience of mentoring through multiple programmes and is co-author of "Women in Tech - A practical guide to increasing gender diversity and inclusion"

Richard Tulley - Sopra Steria

Richard is Director of Programme and Project management, responsible for the development of the project management profession at Sopra Steria. Richard is an advocate of supporting others to take control of their career and is coach and mentor to a number of individuals.

Michelle Shakesheff - Close Brothers

Michelle is Head of Business Analysis for Close Brothers. As well as mentoring through the multiple internal and external programmes supported by Close Brothers, Michelle has direct reports who have benefitted from being mentees on these programmes and can share the benefits that mentoring has had on her organisation.

Charlie Fleming - MEx

Charlie is founder of MEx, a company created to connect your people and unlock their hard won experience and knowledge, encouraging a culture of development and collaboration. Through their platform Mentorxchange, Charlie and MEx have helped numerous organisations and social enterprises to create and run their mentoring programmes.

This event is brought to you by: Reed Technology and supported by BCSWomen

Webinar: The value of mentoring - How mentoring can benefit you and your business
Date and time
Thursday 17 June, 4:00pm - 5:00pm
This event is sold out