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Digital Twin approach for Train planning, Prevention is better than cure

“Digital Twin” technology has started to be applied in industries that are facing high complexity and digitalization throughout its value chain. The initial application was in the manufacturing industry, however it has gradually expanded to other industries such as Energy, Logistics and other Social Infrastructure sectors.

Toshiba is pioneering the digital twin concept and have applied it in a variety of industries around the world. Since 2019, we have partnered with a UK train operator to apply our Digital Twin solution to enhance their train timetabling operation.

In this session, we will outline our Digital Twin solution and address the application of it within the UK train operator market.

Addressing a Digital Twinge

Creating shared meaning and definitions for coordinated Digital Twin development across a complex infrastructure organisation. Challenges and experience from Highways England.

About the speakers

Paul Yates
Paul has worked as Railway Digital Transformation Consultant for Toshiba Europe since July 2020, focussed primarily on Digital Twin. He works closely with teams in the UK, Germany and Japan - sharing ideas, industry knowledge and best practices; learning from each other in the approaches to both planning and applying technology.

Ian Gordon
Ian is Highways England's Head of Data Architecture and Engineering, self-appointed Digital Twin evangelist at HE, and (most importantly) lover of Mancunian beers.

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Webinar: Digital Twin Technology
Date and time
Thursday 20 May, 6:00pm - 8:00pm
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