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According to the UK Office for AI, businesses that use AI perform 11% better than those that don’t. Therefore, it is no surprise that many business leaders today are considering adopting this potentially “mission critical” technology. But is all AI good for business? In this talk we will discuss this while providing a practical perspective on the use of AI.

We will also tackle some of the burning questions, including:

  • How can we tell good AI from bad?
  • What happens when biased AI makes decisions that negatively affect people and organisations?
  • What questions should we be asking to test if AI will support diversity?
  • Who is responsible for ensuring AI is used ethically? Is it the state, the developers, the vendors, the users, or the business leaders who adopt this technology?

About the speakers

Kevin Butler, Founder and CEO, Centigy

Kevin is an AI HR technology industry expert with two decades of experience working for technology firms such as SAP, Sage, and IBM, as well as several of their professional services partners. As founder of Centigy, Kevin provides advisory services on HR digital transformation, with particular expertise in the auditing of AI HR systems. He is co-host of the AI podcast series 'Investigating the Invisible', an Expert Advisor Board Member for 'We and AI' and board member of the ‘People Tech’ group for ‘Global Tech Advocates'.

AI And HR Tech: Three Critical Questions Leaders Need To Support Diverse Teams

Dr Robert Elliott Smith, Science and Tech Advisor, Centigy

Dr Smith is an expert in artificial intelligence, particularly evolutionary algorithms, knowledge representation and machine learning. Over his 30-year career he has helped to create (among other things) software systems that describe immune system behaviour, learn innovative fighter jet manoeuvres, reveal emotion in financial markets, and suggest how social networks propagate political polarisation. Clients have included the Bank of England, NASA, Boeing, the European Union, British Aerospace, Airbus and British Telecom. He is a Senior Research Fellow of Computer Science at University College London. He has published a large body of academic work, articles in the popular press, and the acclaimed book Rage Inside the Machine, which was shortlisted for UK business book of the year 2020.

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Webinar: Ethical AI in action
Date and time
Tuesday 25 May, 4:00pm - 5:00pm
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