This talk provides an overview of TickITplus scheme, what it is, how it has been designed and the benefits that of adopting the scheme.

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All ISO standards are flat, i.e. they do not offer the ability to assess process maturity, which a key component of measuring process improvement; a requirement of all management standards. Process maturity principles have been around for some considerable time with concepts being developed by Deming in the 50’s, through schemes and models evolving in the 80’s such as SPICE and CMM to standards like ISO 15504 for maturity models and assessments in the 90’s.

Many organisations strive towards ISO 9001 as a requirement of contracts and/or through internal desire to standardise and improve their processes with improvements seen through increase in business performance, but the changes in process characteristics are rarely measured, known and reported. TickITplus aims to combine the benefits realised from the ISO standards with the value obtained by understanding the level of process maturity.

Understanding the maturity of a process allows prioritised and focused improvements to be identified where low maturity processes are adversely affecting the overall set of business processes. TickITplus has been designed to incorporate some unique concepts for process management based on many years of the successful use of the TickIT scheme and modern thinking in the how management systems aim to benefit business performance.

This talk provides an overview of TickITplus scheme, what it is, how it has been designed and the benefits that organisations can expect to achieve by adopting it.

About the speaker

Dave Wynn

Dave Wynn is Managing Director of Omniprove Ltd,, with 40 years’ experience in the IT industry. He has spent over 12 years actively involved with the management, procurement, design, development, test and integration of real time software systems, primarily in the defence sector. Dave is a registered ISO 9001 & ISO 20000-1 lead auditor, the first TickITplus capability assessor and a certified CMMI Institute V2.0 lead appraiser.

He has conducted many hundreds of assessments, appraisals and audits in all industry sectors throughout the world for over 30 years. Dave has been instrumental in the implementation of successful process improvement programmes for organisations, leading to the highest levels of process maturity.

Dave has been actively involved in the ITA (formerly JTISC) TickITplus developments and is author of several the scheme documents including the Core Scheme Requirements and Kick Start Guide, joint author of the Base Process Library Guidance and lead author of the Base Process Library.

He also developed and delivered the first TickITplus foundation and TickITplus capability courses. Dave holds an honours degree in Computational Science, is a Chartered Engineer, a Chartered IT Professional and a member of the BCS

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Webinar: Key features and benefits of TickITplus
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Monday 24 May, 6:00pm - 7:00pm
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