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19:00 - Annual General Meeting. BCS members can vote on the AGM.

If non-members wish to ''observe'' that's fine.

19:30 - 'Building trustworthy AI - an SME Perspective" by Prof Keeley Crockett.

Open to members of BCS as well as non-members.

BCS Chester & North Wales branch AGM agenda

1. Welcome and Introductions
2. Apologies for absence
3. Minutes of the previous AGM

  • Acceptance
  • Matters arising from the previous minutes - none

4. Chair’s report

5. Treasurer’s report

  • Review of income and expenditure against the budget
  • Explanation of next year’s budget request

6. Election of Chair, Treasurer and committee members

  • Introductions from those standing for election
  • Members vote
  • Chair
  • Treasurer
  • Committee members

7. AOB


The ethical, social and legal landscape of Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven systems is rapidly changing. Since the General Data Protection Regulation (2018), stakeholders developing AI systems have faced numerous challenges in the interpretation and implementation of Article 22, specifically concerning an individual’s rights in the context of automated decision making, the ability of AI to explain decisions, explanation of the logic involved, and to develop models using only “correct” data.

This has caused major challenges due to the lack of legal guidance, case law and ethical principles about the use of AI in different contexts. For SMEs these challenges are even greater due to a lack of specific skills, budget and human resource.

Aspects of transparency, bias, fairness, discrimination, accountability, responsibility and risk, data privacy and impact on workers can be found in the many principles, charters and guidelines that have been proposed internationally by Governments, corporate organizations and small to medium businesses.

With the UK AI Council Roadmap (Jan-21), Proposal for a Regulation on a European approach for Artificial Intelligence (Apri-21), the Governments initial response to the National Data Strategy (May-21), the UK GOV AI Strategy (Sept-21) and the UK Gov Data Consultation (Nov-21)– the ethical landscape of trustworthy and responsible AI is rapidly changing.

In this talk, I will first briefly outline the common themes in the field of AI ethics and then highlight the challenges associated with practical implementation of “guidelines” for SME’s, which have come out of several projects including the Parliamentary Inquiry report Our Place Our Data: Involving Local People in Data and AI-Based Recovery.

About the speaker

Keeley Crockett, Manchester Metropolitan University

Keeley Crockett is a Professor in Computational Intelligence in the Department of Computing and Mathematics at Manchester Metropolitan University.

Her main research interests include ethical AI frameworks, fuzzy systems, machine learning and computational intelligence for psychological profiling and conversational agents. She is also Co-academic Lead on the GM AI Foundry.

She is the current Chair of the IEEE Task Force on Ethical and Social Implications of Computational Intelligence in 2021 and Chair of the IEEE Women into Computational Intelligence and also serves as the Ethics and Well Being Officer for IEEE UKRI Sight Committee.

Keeley serves as an Associate Editor on the IEEE Trans. Emerging Topics in Computational Intelligence, Associate Editor on IEEE Trans. On Fuzzy Systems and IEEE Trans. On Artificial Intelligence

She is a UK STEM Ambassador and will serve as Co-General Chair at IEEE SSCI Orlando (Dec-21), 2021.

Our events are for adults aged 16 years and over.

For overseas delegates who wish to attend the event, please note that BCS does not issue invitation letters.

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Webinar: AGM and building trustworthy AI - an SME perspective
Date and time
Wednesday 10 November, 7:00pm - 8:30pm
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