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Melanie FranklinAgile frameworks and mindsets offer alternative and often better ways to plan and deliver change initiatives. With the pace of change refusing to slow in most areas - and accelerated in many areas thanks to the challenges brought on by the pandemic - practitioners must equip themselves with the latest thinking, methods & tools to thrive.

In this session, presenter Melanie Franklin will address frequently asked questions, providing you with easy-to-understand explanations and descriptions that will boost your Agile and Change knowledge, leading to more success with change initiatives.

Questions to be addressed include:

  • How does Agile apply to change initiatives?
  • How is this different to any other Agile approach?
  • What are the most relevant agile techniques for successfully embedding change and realising benefits?

About the speaker

Melanie Franklin

  • Responsible for the successful delivery of many agile change initiatives, creating structures and cultures to deliver emergent change that realises early benefits. Builds strong relationships with stakeholders who have not worked in with agile approaches before, and helps them discover the advantages and overcome the challenges of this way of working.
  • Acknowledged as a thought leader in Agile Change Management, through academic research and practical consulting for global organisations as diverse as the United Nations, utility and telecoms, global consultancies, universities, health services and central government functions in Europe and the Middle East.
  • Chartered Management Consultant, Chief Examiner for the Agile Change Agent certification, was Co-Lead of the Change Management Institute UK and now founder of the Continuous Change Community. Respected author of many text books and articles on project, programme, portfolio and change management.
  • Previous roles include CEO of a consulting and training organisation, Director of Global Transformation Programmes, Global Head of Business Continuity and Crisis Management and Head of Project and Programme Management.
  • Currently overseeing programmes of change in a global retailer, a national health care provider and a service provider, impacting tens of thousands of staff with capital investment in the millions.
  • Melanie is a talented communicator and has a reputation for delivering complex information with humour and passion. She draws on her wealth of practical experience to illustrate concepts and to engage her audience in lively debates on advantages and disadvantages of each approach that she outlines.

Our events are for adults aged 16 years and over.

This event is brought to you by: BCS Business Change specialist group and Agile Methods specialist group

Webinar: Introduction to Agile
Date and time
Monday 29 November, 5:50pm - 8:00pm
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