Search Solutions is the premier UK forum for the presentation of the latest innovations in search and information retrieval.

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Search Solutions + Tutorials (BCS/ISKO member): £20.00
Search Solutions + Tutorials (Students): £12.00
Search Solutions + Tutorials (Non-Member): £30.00

Search Solutions only (BCS/ISKO member): £15.00
Search Solutions only (Students): £10.00
Search Solutions only (Non-Member): £20.00

Tutorials only (BCS/ISKO member): £10.00
Tutorials only (Students): £5.00
Tutorials only (Non-Member): £15.00


We will issue a full refund if a cancellation is received within 14 days of the booking date or by noon on Monday 22 November 2021; otherwise, name substitutions will be allowed after this date.

Our events are for adults aged 16 years and over.

This event is brought to you by: BCS Information Retrieval SG (IRSG)

Webinar: Search Solutions 2021 (Inc. Tutorials) - Information Retrieval SG
Date and time
Tuesday 23 November, 9:00am - Wednesday 24 November, 6:00pm
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