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  • Webinar: Coventry and the emergence of computer arts - a celebration

An open event organised jointly by BCS Coventry branch, the Computer Arts Society and Coventry City of Culture 2021


  • Professor Emeritus Clive Richards
  • Dr Nicholas Lambert


18:00 - Webinar starts
19:30 - Close


Various projects from the 60s and 70s had strong links with Arts & Computer Arts. At that time Coventry was at the forefront of activities in computer arts. In the UK the polytechnics were all exploring creative applications of computers, while Universities focused on teaching programming, developing operating systems, compilers, etc.

Coventry School of Arts, merged into Lanchester Polytechnic around 1970, with a controversial group in 60s & 70s - Arts and Language group, they taught and generated controversial art works (e.g. https://www.tate.org.uk/art/artworks/art-language-air-conditioning-show-air-show-frameworks-p80069). All sorts of odd projects, filing cabinets of indexed words, desks with drawers full of words that could be changed based on algorithms, linking words to physical objects, all stuff mixed in with emerging technologies.

About the speakers

After a distinguished career at Coventry University, Clive Richards is now The Art Director of ArtSpace. As recently as 2018 a collection of his work was exhibited at the V&A Museum to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the exhibition called Cybernetic Serendipity, held in 1968 at the Institute of Contemporary Arts.

Nicholas Lambert is based at Ravenbourne University, London, specialising in “the application of technology in contemporary art and visual culture”. One of his many prestigious roles is chairing BCS specialist group the Computer Arts Society.

Our events are for adults aged 16 years and over.

This event is brought to you by: BCS Coventry branch, The Computer Arts Society and the Coventry City of Culture 2021​.

Webinar: Coventry and the emergence of computer arts - a celebration
Date and time
Wednesday 15 September, 6:00pm - 7:30pm
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