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  • Webinar: Tech safety: how can product designers mitigate domestic abuse concerns?

This webinar takes a different angle on unintended consequences. 


Unintended consequences are widely discussed in AI, but also apply to many other tech products in the context of domestic abuse. The shorthand is the video doorbell - they have great positive uses but can be misused against another person through coercive control.

What should those in tech look out for in product design? How can we raise consideration of specific vectors of unintended consequences that may well be foreseeable?

This will be a 30-minute discussion, followed by 15 minutes for audience Q and A.

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  • Chair: Brian Runciman MBCS, Head of Content and Insight, BCS
  • Dr Leonie Maria Tanczer - Leonie is a Lecturer in International Security and Emerging Technologies and has a research interest on the intersection of technology, security, and gender. She is former Fellow at the Alexander von Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society in Berlin.
  • Emma Pickering - Emma is Tech Abuse Manager at Refuge, the domestic abuse charity that supports women and children.
  • Lesley Nutall - Lesley is a Cloud Security Engineer at IBM

Debate outline

  • What are some recent examples of tech being misused in coercive control or other domestic abuse contexts?
  • Are there particular product features that are more susceptible to being misused than others by abusers?
  • At ideation and design stage what considerations must be included?
  • What are the top tips for product design with personal safety in mind?
Webinar: Tech safety: how can product designers mitigate domestic abuse concerns?
Date and time
Friday 17 September, 1:00pm - 2:00pm
This event is sold out