Benefits Management (BM) is all about the decisions, processes and activities that make the best use of scarce resources.

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A benefit is a result that a stakeholder perceives to be worthwhile. And behind that simple statement lies all the complexity within different domains, including those in current public focus like health and social care, that comes from many, differing stakeholders and what they believe is valuable to them. Benefits Management (BM) is all about the decisions, processes and activities that make the best use of scarce resources to deliver the right benefits to the right stakeholders.

In this session, David will develop the concept of Benefits – of ultimate stakeholder value. He will explore the model of a Benefits-led Enterprise, illustrate the Benefits Dependency Network, and explore the relationship between Features being delivered, Outcomes being attained and Benefits being envisaged. He will progress from an analysis of drivers driving initiatives to the ends, ways and means enabling and benefiting from the initiatives, carefully defining and placing features, enablers and activities in a benefit-led process. He will also reflect on layering and complexity management to provide the best benefit-managed outcome and share his observations and practical approach to keep improving benefit-managed outcomes and stakeholder value.

About the speaker

David Waller

David was active in Cranfield University's Benefits Management research, applying the method in the rollout of BT's intranet, one of the first, largest and most successful corporate intranets. He then took this experience to customers in finance, utilities and central government.

David was recruited into the NHS to establish a public sector focused benefits management toolset. Since he moved into health, he has covered a range of topics from telecare to service re-structuring and helped hospitals achieve strategic benefits from electronic patient records. He has led on Benefits, writing business cases and guiding teams for national IT programmes on topics from data standards and interoperability to adult social care and child protection.

David has often been described as Benefits Management Specialist and runs Keldale Business Services Ltd. The national learning group he mentors for Benefits Managers enables him to keep the methodology fresh and at the forefront of service improvement.

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Webinar: The benefits of Benefits Management (BM)
Date and time
Wednesday 22 September, 7:00pm - 8:30pm
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