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Please join us to hear about the best leadership behaviours for effective Agile.

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Agility is supported by methodologies, processes and techniques. Still, true organisational agility can only be achieved if it is supported by leadership behaviours that normalise, value and encourage agile approaches. This talk will explain and provide examples of these leadership behaviours, discuss why they are so challenging to adopt for many in senior positions and how you can help encourage their adoption.

About the speaker

Melanie FranklinMelanie Franklin, Agile Change Management Limited

  • Responsible for the successful delivery of many agile change initiatives. Builds strong relationships with stakeholders who have not worked in with agile approaches before, and helps them discover the advantages and overcome the challenges of this way of working.
  • Acknowledged as a thought leader in Agile Change Management, through academic research and practical consulting for global organisations as diverse as the United Nations, utility and telecoms, global consultancies, universities, health services and central government functions in Europe and the Middle East.
  • Chartered Management Consultant, Chief Examiner for the Agile Change Agent certification, founder of the Continuous Change Community. Respected author of many textbooks and articles on project, programme, portfolio and change management.

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Webinar: Best leadership behaviours for Effective Agile - Project Management SG
Date and time
Wednesday 27 April, 6:30pm - 8:00pm
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