What role does the DWP have in helping reduce emissions towards Net Zero?

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There is the ‘big picture‘ of climate change, what does Net Zero even mean?

There is a legal and policy framework that we have to work with that is becoming more of a hard ask, so what might it mean for IT services?

We’ll take a look at the proposed DWP approach and how it links into the cross-government STAR reporting requirement.

About the speaker

Tony Sudworth - DWP
Tony is the Sustainability Lead for Digital. “This is a dream job for me and I've been struck just by how much enthusiasm there is from people on this topic - and we just need to tap into that!”

What I do:

  • Develop a Sustainability Strategy for Digital
  • Position DWP to support government framework of Greening Government / Technical Code of Practice / Spending Controls
  • Aim to Benchmark Digital emissions and create a plan to reduce emissions towards Net Zero in 2050

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Webinar: Digital sustainability - what does it mean in practice?
Date and time
Wednesday 6 April, 6:30pm - 7:30pm
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