A discussion on the role of The Artisan Enterprise Architect hosted by the BCS EASG.

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Working closely with development and delivery teams, the Artisan Enterprise Architect guides the build of their designs adapting them to emerging opportunities and challenges. This approach embeds the Enterprise Architect in the change and software development cycle allowing them to utilise their knowledge and skills from conception through to final delivery. The BCS EASG invites practising architects, and those interested in design & enterprise architecture, to a discussion on Artisan architects. This is the final webinar in a series exploring the role of EAs through a series of personas.

About the speakers

Ian West
Ian West is a practising Enterprise Architect and digital leader with a successful career spanning 30 years in multiple industries. With a firm belief that enterprise and business architecture is for all organisations - from large commercial enterprises to small not-for-profit organisations - he promotes the profession and its skills to allow good business and technology design for all.

Gabrielle Liddy
Gabrielle Liddy is a practising Enterprise Architect, having worked in a range of roles across many diverse businesses in different countries. She thinks and writes about the role and how it can be tailored to the requirements of any business.

Kingsley Hibbert
Kingsley is currently Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Sagittarius Agency, a premium digital marketing agency that works with global brands to deliver exceptional digital experiences and digital transformation all underpinned by awesome technical engineering. With over 25 years in the technology industry, spanning roles from Developer to CTO, Kingsley has extensive experience of developing and successfully implementing complex solutions and architectures across numerous domains and sectors. His experience is complimented with extensive knowledge in agile development, cloud, product development, digital transformation; all with the end customer experience and outcome in mind.

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Webinar: The Artisan Enterprise Architect
Date and time
Monday 4 April, 6:30pm - 8:00pm
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