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AI education - why it is important to start young at K-12 and how this has a direct impact in bridging the gender gap in tech from India.

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I would like to share my experience as An AI educator and a founder of a women only organisation - “Coding and More” to address AI education and Bridging the Gender Gap.

We all know that today with AI percolating in every aspect of our life, it’s even more imperative that the AI models that are being used commercially are inclusive and representative across gender and race.

In order to help bring more women in tech, one has to address the obstacles that are coming in the way - and a big one is stereotyping/mindsets and access to AI education.

I would like to weave my conversation around these themes.

About the speaker

Supriya Bhuwalka

Supriya Bhuwalka is the founder of a personalized AI & Coding Edtech startup – Coding and More. We teach AI & Coding to children from the K-12 grade band. A staunch supporter of women empowerment, Coding and More is an all women run organization that helps upskill women and gives them opportunity to work flexitime and WFH.

She is also a franchise owner of a Japanese MNC – Kumon Math & English and runs one of the largest franchise centres in Mumbai, India. Prior to running her own businesses, she was counselling students for study abroad options.

Her education is from Wellesley College, USA – double major in Math and Economics. She is also a member of the Phi Beta Kappa Honor Society and the Omicron Delta Economics Honor Sociey.

Currently, she is part of the WAI Education council, India and on the IndiaAI WAI platform.

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Webinar: AI education and bridging the gender gap in AI followed by e-Learning SG AGM
Date and time
Monday 5 December, 6:00pm - 8:00pm

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