Kanplexity 2022 edition - a jumping-off point for supporting Cynefin® via Kanban with John Coleman.

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Kanplexity 2022 edition - a jumping-off point for supporting Cynefin® via Kanban.

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Agile has its origins in the Manifesto for Software Development. What we lack is guidance for potential agilists in other sectors. Using tenets of Kanban and Cynefin® sense-making (Cynefin.io, 2022, 1), Kanplexity offers an optional approach to those in non-software settings. Kanplexity, created in 2019 and recently updated in 2022, is defined as a Cynefin starter pack for agility underpinned by Kanban.

Kanplexity is for people working together in complex domains. Although Kanplexity can be useful across sectors, it is specially designed for people working outside of software.

Join us for this event where John Coleman will be discussing Kanplexity, the updates to the 2022 edition and how it can make a difference.

The talk will be followed by a social / networking session for members to connect and get to know each other.

About the speaker

John Coleman

  • John ColemanAgility chef, executive agility guide, product manager
  • Flight Levels Coach, ProKanban Professional Kanban Trainer, Scrum.org Professional Scrum Trainer, LeSS Friendly Scrum Trainer
  • Creator of Kanplexity™ & Xagility™, co-author of Kanban Guide
  • Host of Xagility™ & Agility Island podcasts
  • linktr.ee/johncolemanxagility for social and podcast links

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BCS Agile Methods SG - AGM
Date and time
Friday 2 December, 12:00pm - 2:00pm
BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT
25 Copthall Avenue
This event is sold out