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  • Hybrid event: SPA-363: Gaudi - an architecture for project automation

Hybrid event online using Zoom and at BCS London offices.

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Most development and maintenance projects proliferate tools to automate various tasks. These may be written by different people with different preferences and goals, in various languages and with no standard command syntax.

Gaudi offers a way to provide a consistent user interface across all the different tools and technologies used to manage, build and test a software product, and to provide a single place to define and maintain configuration parameters, validation rules, access control and more for the development environment.

Based on Ruby and Rake, the framework is highly modular and easily extensible. Moreover, the system is self-documenting - never again have to delve into a shell script to find out what arguments it expects and what it does with them!

In this workshop, we will introduce Rake and the Gaudi framework, then go step by step through a worked example. The aim of the example is to create a custom docker container, in which all developers on your project can carry out their work - no more "but it works on my machine" issues!

About the speaker

Vassilis Rizopoulos

Vassilis Rizopoulos has been dabbling in software engineering for decades. Professionally, he specialises in "software productivity engineering", a catch-all term for the role that integrates the development environment, test automation, continuous integration and deployment, DevOps and general behind-the-scenes tooling that enables software teams to concentrate on producing useful software.

His language of choice for many years has been Ruby, but he also has several C and C++ embedded projects, a few C# .NET projects and the odd Java development under his belt. He considers himself a programming polyglot, familiar with a steadily growing list of programming languages. Most of his professional career has been spent working for large industry firms doing really close-to-the-metal stuff, from devices smaller than an Oreo cookie to as large as 60-ton locomotives.

He is one of the co-founders and organisers of thessaloniki.rb, the Thessaloniki Ruby Users group, and also had the luck to be part of the organising committee for EuRuKo 2013, which took place in Athens. Whatever free time remains between deadlines and family life goes into open source projects, mainly in the Ruby community with the lion's share reserved for rutema and gaudi.

Vassilis maintains an occasional blog at ampelofilosofies.gr, tweets as arcandros and contributes to open source as damphyr.

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Hybrid event: SPA-363: Gaudi - an architecture for project automation
Date and time
Wednesday 2 February, 6:30pm - 8:30pm
BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT
25 Copthall Ave
United Kingdom
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