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High Performance Computing is the aggregation of relatively normal computers to build much higher performance systems. It is typically used by computation and data intensive scientific and research applications such as physics simulations, bioinformatics, remote sensing and more recently machine learning.

Today a collection of new technologies is influencing change in this area. These include new software paradigms driving towards more interactive workloads, containerisation and cloud computing.

This talk will consider what high performance computing is and how it has typically been used in the past. It will cover how we have created an integrated service across four Welsh universities. Finally, it will look at some of the changes which are likely to emerge over the coming years.

About the speaker

Dr Colin Sauze

Dr Colin Sauze is a Research Software Engineer at Aberystwyth University working on the Supercomputing Wales project. He helps people across Aberystwyth University utilise high performance computing to improve their research, by helping to parallelise and optimise software, solve technical problems and running training courses.

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Webinar: High performance computing: Dawn of a new era?
Date and time
Tuesday 8 February, 6:30pm - 8:00pm
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