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When COVID started UK’s lockdown in March 2020, the things that the technology profession took for granted became a nightmare for others. Technology leaders became “heroes” by switching to remote working to achieve business continuity. But it also revealed the scale of digital poverty in exposing the damage to education and society that austerity and digital exclusion have created.

The lockdown had a greater effect on people who are digitally excluded. According to Ofcom, 6% of households and 18% of over-64s do not have home internet access. 20% of children do not have a suitable device for their home schooling. These are the people who are being left behind.

The BCS whose purpose is “Making IT Good for Society”, has made addressing digital divide as one of its strategic priorities. The establishment of the Digital Divide Specialist Group is a great opportunity to mobilise BCS’s 60,000 members to this cause. Come and find out how you can help by #JoiningtheDots.

The presenter, Freddie Quek, has been a BCS member for over 30 years with a broad industry experience in helping organisations to use digital technologies for business solutions, and is encouraging the IT profession to take a step towards our personal social responsibility to use our expertise in this domain to address digital poverty in line with BCS's purpose of "Making IT Good for Society".

About the speaker

Freddie Quek Chief Technology Officer at Times Higher Education
​Freddie is a Fellow of the BCS, Chair of the Digital Poverty specialist group, and a judge for the UK IT Industry Awards. His team has received two UK IT Industry Awards and was recognised in 2021 as one of UK’s top 100 tech leaders by Computing and top 20 by CIO UK. He started the #joiningthedots initiative to address digital inclusion and has become special adviser and ambassador for the Digital Poverty Alliance.​

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For overseas delegates who wish to attend the event, please note that BCS does not issue invitation letters.

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Webinar: Let's start addressing the Digital Divide,  and yes it is a solvable problem!
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Tuesday 22 February, 7:00pm - 8:00pm
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