This talk will explore an alternative way that colleagues in SAGE have applied to building data rich ecosystems.


Steven Brown – Sage, Director Global Cloud Architecture / Cloud Operations


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19:15 - Questions
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This is currently a Face-2-Face event only.

Getting code efficiently from development to production (left-2-right) requires a contraflow of data and context (right-2-left) from production to development, enhancing lower environments providing those building products at the earliest stage with data-rich ecosystems to experiment and build without consequence.

Sage has purposely invested in making the most basic development stages contextually supportive, providing systems from virtual machines to host environments of ever-increasing complexity and scale.

Workflows, Tooling and Templates combine to produce an industrial software engineering capability where dedicated experimentation drives improvement.

About the speaker

Steven Brown – Sage, Director Global Cloud Architecture / Cloud Operations

Over Twenty years of experience (and counting) building data-intensive network-based systems for industrial and commercial projects, refining patterns delivering scalability and remote-immediacy. Those Twenty years has provided blunt learnings on what not to do and painful lessons on the reality of engineering and leadership at scale and under pressure.

Before Sage, Steven acquired, refactored, and successfully turned around emerging technology companies previously unable to meet the promise of their commercial goals, his direct name dropping clients include Coca-Cola, Samsung, VISA, Douwe Egberts, DHL, Morrisons, GlaxoSmithKline and Diageo.

Refactoring commercially successful systems to meet demands of sudden scale is of particular interest to Steven. The patterns and methods needed to deliver enterprise is a full-stack concern, including the developers authoring the software to database design and specifically the 'fabrication' environment in which code is built.

At Sage, he leads multinational teams of Site Reliability Engineers, ensuring mechanical optimisation of products, automated creation of environments, secure data extraction, intentional design and refactoring to software patterns he hopes to share with you in detail.

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Left-2-Right / Right-2-Left
Date and time
Wednesday 26 January, 6:00pm - 7:30pm
Cobalt Business Park, Building C23
5-6 Cobalt Park Way, Wallsend
Newcastle upon Tyne
NE28 9EJ
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