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Join us for a talk about a hybrid digital support system.

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Brain in Hand is a hybrid digital support system, designed to help people keep their day on track and navigate challenges, illustrated with real-world case studies.

Dorothy and Marie will provide an overview of Brain in Hand, what it is, it’s current reach and some case studies of people who have used it in workplace settings. As of May 2021 Brain in Hand is used in over 20 different workplace sectors, in most universities and 35% of local authorities in England.

Brain in Hand was developed from an initiative at the University of Exeter Innovation Centre.

It combines digital tools, 24 hour connectivity with human support as required. It is a user led system. It is evidence based and is currently part of major NHS trial on its use for people awaiting an autism diagnosis (which can take up to 2 years. It is not condition specific, but is by used by thousands of autistic people, those with social anxiety or mental health challenges people at universities, workplaces and in their everyday lives.

This session provides an overview of Brain in Hand, some case studies of people it has helped and information about how people can access this and other reasonable adjustments.

Dorothy and Marie will discuss the three components:

  • Specialist set up – working with individuals to identify goals and strategies relating to challenges
  • Digital Support (app and web portal) and how this is led by the person, and finally the reassurance of a Response service (phone/ text / email depending on preference) when people need it.
  • A wide variety of people are referred or refer themselves to Brain in Hand and we will cover some funding and pricing information.

About the speakers

Dorothy Muir, Brain In Hand National Engagement Manager

Dorothy has come to Brain in Hand from an NHS and commissioning background, with a recent focus on reducing inequalities and digital inclusion. She has worked in public, private and charitable sectors, regulation and within the criminal justice system. She combines working for Brain In Hand with consultancy work in project management, management services and stakeholder engagement.

Marie Gavin, Regional Engagement Manager

Marie is one of Brain in Hand’s Regional Managers; she both manages a team of specialists and delivers specialist sessions herself. Marie has extensive experience working in inclusive education and employment support. She leads on our work to raise awareness of supported internships, having helped to set up schemes herself and is source of knowledge of funding routes. Marie combines her work with Brain in Hand with voluntary roles linked to inclusivity and education.

Our events are for adults aged 16 years and over.

This event is brought to you by: BCS Hampshire branch, jointly with BCS Dorset branch and BCSWomen

Webinar: Brain in Hand - Supporting people to succeed in the workplace
Date and time
Thursday 20 January, 6:00pm - 7:00pm
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