Early stage startups are constantly asked to prove the uniqueness and viability of their products.

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Early stage startups are constantly asked to prove the uniqueness and viability of their products in order to successfully engage with potential clients.

However, in these early days, startup founders have few industry connections. Many times it's quite hard to get sincere feedback from industry peers and potential prospects, as the latter are too busy juggling endless tasks and are bombarded by all the security product companies out in the market.

That’s where experienced cyber executives can help. Our panel provides views from both sides of the equation - the executives who offer support and guidance to early stage startups, and the startups who receive that guidance. By working together both parties enhance the organisation’s security posture and successfully nurture the next generation of cybersecurity innovation.

About the speakers

Stav Pischits
Stav is the Co-Founder and Syndicate Lead at CCL (Cyber Club London), and the Co-Founder and CEO of Cynance. He is a passionate advocate of startups, cybersecurity startups, and supporting startups to achieve their goals.

Tal Mozes
Tal is the co-founder and CEO of Mitiga ltd, a global cloud incident response company, with headquarters across the US and Europe with a technology hub based in Israel. Mitiga ltd is focusing on the new era of attacks across cloud, reshaping how organisations prepare for and deal with breaches over multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud environments.

Maxim Dressler
Maxim is a tech and privacy entrepreneur. Having worked the last 10 years in technology and fintech, Maxim embarked on his new venture, encryption as a service startup Vaultree, in 2020. Vaultree’s mission is to make this world a safer place.

Victor Murineanu
Victor is a seasoned cybersecurity professional with more than 14 years of ground-up success in information security. Victor is passionate about innovation in information security and risk management.

John Salomon
John is an Information security executive with 23 years of in-depth, cross-cultural, international experience as an information security and risk management leader and subject matter expert. John has performed several advisory roles for early and mid stage startups, and more.

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Webinar: Innovation: Benefits of working with startups
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Tuesday 26 July, 6:30pm - 8:00pm

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