Showing how the TickITplus process model is intrinsically suited to support remote audits of quality systems for ICT systems.

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The global impact of Covid on the accredited certification business was immediate and profound. Previously ISO audits were based on physical visits to client sites and this became untenable overnight for most companies across the world.

The accreditation authorities moved quickly to allow for remote audits due to the extraordinary situation but only for certain sectors and certain ISO standards. Happily the ICT sector was one of these and, in particular, those organisations who had adopted the TickITplus scheme found it straightforward to adapt to the new audit mode.

This presentation will provide an overview of the TickITplus scheme and explain how it’s process model includes key features that support the presentation of evidence for remote audits clearly and efficiently, allowing organisations to maintain their certification and the benefits of quality and process improvement.

About the speaker

Paul Breslin is the ICT Sector Leader for DNV Business Assurance in the UK and also the DNV Global Scheme Responsible for TickITplus.

He is responsible for developing and managing the technical delivery of DNV’sTickITplus services including delivering accredited TickITplus audits covering systems & software quality, IT service management and information security.

His background is in high integrity systems evaluation and validation before then moving into management systems certification. Paul was DNV’s representative as a founding member of the TickITplus scheme.

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Webinar: TickITplus supports remote audits of quality system
Date and time
Thursday 7 July, 6:30pm - 7:30pm

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