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Jeremy Robst will talk about the IT systems on board the Sir David Attenborough and the Antarctic Research Stations operated by the British Antarctic Survey. He'll cover the systems they use – both from the business side of running a ship / research station and then the specialised systems they use to do science in the Antarctic.

He'll also talk about the challenges they encounter when operating in an extreme environment and include lots of pictures of Antarctica and wildlife.

About the speaker

Jeremy Robst

Jeremy Robst has worked in the IT department at the British Antarctic Survey for 25 years, specialising in Linux, data storage and backup, but covering all aspects of IT, especially when working in the Antarctic and aboard research vessels.

He's spent a cumulative time of over 6 years working aboard the research vessels the RRS James Clark Ross and the RRS Sir David Attenborough, in the Arctic and Antarctic and at the British Antarctic Survey's research stations in the sub-Antarctic and Antarctica. 

RRS Sir David Attenborough arrives in Antarctica for the first time

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Webinar: IT in the Antarctic onboard the Sir David Attenborough
Date and time
Monday 27 June, 7:00pm - 8:00pm

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