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Join us as we look at web development patterns.

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Individuals or teams developing modern web applications must pick the right tool chain, or they could find that progress is slow, or that functional and particularly non-functional requirements are difficult to meet. There is a host of tool chains to choose from, which differ in the capabilities they offer. Let’s compare some of ReactJS and Webflow capabilities as a start, and let’s discuss how the software development lifecycle is affected by building apps with one or the other.

This presentation is based on two real-world website developments.

About the speaker

Raul Rodriguez

Raul Rodriguez became a Software Engineer in September 2013 and is currently an Expert Software Engineer at Zuhlke Engineering Ltd. At Zuhlke, he helps to enable clients to innovate by providing knowledge and expertise in software development and consulting. His software development practice expertise includes CI/CD, TDD & pair-programming, to name but a few. He is proficient in the agile development of enterprise and cloud-native solutions including full build/deploy pipelines.

Since joining Zuhlke in January 2017, Raul has grown and met really smart people. Together they have solved many interesting problems: security-related, web development, backend systems, cloud and automation. During this time he has developed a special love for testing, speaking for the first time at SPA Conference 2019 about automated testing.

He is originally from Venezuela, likes everything about coffee and in his spare time, travels the world!

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Webinar: Web Development Patterns - ReactJS Apps vs WebFlow - SPA SG
Date and time
Wednesday 1 June, 6:00pm - 8:15pm
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