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  • Webinar: An introduction to Network Subnetting Subnets, IP addresses & Subnet Masks

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Learn how the IP address space is organised into subnets.

  • What is an IP address?
  • Network subnetting and the importance of the subnet mask
  • What is a default gateway?

This 60-minute presentation is suitable for every professional in the IT industry with minimum or no knowledge of networking.

About the speaker

Galatia Evangelidou, Network Operations Manager, Historic Environment Scotland
Galatia is the Network Operations Manager at Historic Environment Scotland. She holds more than 18 years of extensive and diverse experience in the IT industry and as a certified network engineer she has managed complex networks, including WAN and Data Centre environments.

Apart from being a full-time working mother, she is also a student at Glasgow Caledonian University in the field of Software Development. Whenever her daughter allows some time off, she volunteers with the Scottish Tech Army and the Digital Technology Education Charter.

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Webinar: An introduction to Network Subnetting Subnets, IP addresses & Subnet Masks
Date and time
Wednesday 2 March, 6:30pm - 8:30pm
This event is sold out