This demonstration-heavy talk looks at how programming could look, if we were to allow types to depend on terms in the language.

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Until recently, dependent types were used for theorem provers but not for programming. What benefits can we get from combining them with regular programming?

This demo-heavy talk will demonstrate what programming could look like if we were to allow types to depend on terms in the language. Not only can we rule out more bugs than ever, but the additional type information allows for a very pleasant programming experience.

To explore this area of software, we show Idris2 and its editor experience as well as its latest features which relate type information with performance.


About the speaker

Andre Videla, University of Strathclyde

Andre Videla is a PhD student at the University of Strathclyde, focusing on Programming Languages and Type Theory. His research area is motivated by practical-use cases of software engineering and makes use of dependent types, logic, and category theory, to provide new ways to write programs that are both correct and pleasant to use. He is associated with the National Physical Laboratory.

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Webinar: Dependent types for practical use
Date and time
Tuesday 29 March, 5:15pm - 8:00pm
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