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The world of electricity generation has changed forever. Gone are the days of massive, centralised power stations sending out power in mute response to consumer demand, spewing pollution into the air as they did so.

The carbon intensity of generation is now a key parameter in the fight against global warming, and renewable energy is taking over. With this revolution come dramatic changes to the ways that electricity networks are controlled and used. Ever-increasing levels of digitalisation and embedded intelligence are enabling new models of interaction with consumers, along with the electrification of transport and other hitherto fossil-fuelled technologies.

Historically, renewable energy has required subsidy support in order to compete in power generation markets, but that too is changing, and fast. In many locations, solar and wind energy are already the lowest-cost source of power, meaning that in countries like the USA and China, the great majority of new capacity installed each year is green.

About the speaker

Colin Palmer

I have spent most of my career in jobs that didn’t even exist when I was at university. I originally trained as a naval architect and after graduating I worked in the hovercraft industry but then moved to wave energy research. In 1988 I set up my own wind energy development company, Windcluster Ltd.

Windcluster was a pioneer in the UK and developed and built one of the first commercial wind energy projects, which it continues to own and operate. Subsequently. I co-founded Wind Prospect Group Ltd, another renewable energy company that grew from 2 to 250 people in ten years and was active in markets around the globe.

Recently, I have reduced my day-to-day involvement in these companies in order to invest both time and money in clean technology startups. I have also found time to study for a PhD on the topic of pterosaur flight. By way of relaxation, I sail whenever I can!

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Webinar: Green energy
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Tuesday 15 March, 7:30pm - 9:00pm
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