Join the BCS IT Leaders Forum as they examine the current and upcoming issues IT Leaders really need to know about.


There has never been a more exciting time in the future of IT leadership. After two unprecedented years where everyone has become ever-more reliant on tech, what are the implications for IT leaders? The BCS IT Leaders Forum is taking a close look at the future of IT leadership - addressing the issues IT leaders really need to know about.

In this event we will be discussing do we need a complete reset of management methods? What do organisations' Boards need to understand on cybersecurity? Keeping up with the pace of change is a challenge in itself - so how will knowledge volatility affect the future of work? And we look at one of the major issues facing humanity now: how IT leaders need to take a lead on sustainability.

With some input from futurologist and an analysis of the impact of legislation change, this is a must-attend for IT leaders and aspirant leaders.

Webinar: The Future of IT Leadership - hosted by the IT Leaders Forum
Date and time
Wednesday 9 March, 2:00pm - 4:30pm