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Disagreements and disputes are common in our work and frequently play havoc with our neatly worked-out plans. Even when following an agile project lifecycle, stories delivered can fail to meet the expectations of the product owner and lead to rework, cost overruns and hurt feelings on both sides.
It doesn't have to be so, if we can understand and mitigate the causes of our misunderstandings and disagreements.

Some approaches include:

  • precisely defining the terms used in an agreement
  • making agreements in writing
  • giving examples
  • explicitly denying certain implications
  • explicitly limiting consequences
  • formally analysing plans to find ambiguities
  • distinguishing between ends and means
  • identifying and quantifying values to be delivered

Renowned agile method pioneer Tom Gilb walks us through the practical application of these approaches, illustrating his advice with real-world examples both good and bad.

About the speaker

Tom Gilb is an American systems engineer, consultant, and author, known for the development of software metric, software inspection, and evolutionary processes.
He emigrated to the United Kingdom in 1956 and to Norway in 1958. He took his first job with International Business Machines Corporation in 1958 and became a freelance consultant in 1960. He mainly helps multinational clients improve their organizations and methods by using "evolutionary systems delivery" (Evo).

He has guest lectured at universities all over the United Kingdom, Europe, China, India, the United States of America and Korea, and has been a keynote speaker at dozens of technical conferences internationally.

He is a member of INCOSE and is active in the Norwegian chapter, NORSEC, which presented him with an award in 2003. He lectures at INCOSE local chapters on his worldwide travels and at INCOSE conferences. In 2012 he was made an Honorary Fellow of BCS.

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Webinar: Clarity: the essentials of getting two people to agree on anything
Date and time
Wednesday 4 May, 6:30pm - 8:30pm
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