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An exposition of using HPC for Deep Learning or Machine Learning type complex processing dealing with billions of data elements.


George Yazigi, Digital Systems Manager and Architect, Digital Aviation Research and Technology Centre (DARTeC), Cranfield University


6:00pm - Sign-in - Welcome - Networking
6:20pm - Tour of Cranfield Digital Aviation Research and Technology Centre
7:00pm - High Performance Computing in Action With HILDA - George Yazigi
7:45pm - Questions and Answers with Networking
8:00pm - Bedford Branch AGM
8:30pm - Close

If you want to attend both the tour and talk, please select both tickets when you register.


If you use computers daily, you will realise that faster processing is always better to complete your tasks. But if you are just browsing the internet, editing a file, or checking email, depending on the tasks, you may not need that much of processing power! However, when you are running a Deep Learning or Machine Learning algorithm dealing with billions of data elements, speed becomes a requirement rather than just an option. But to reach an adequate level of processing speed a complex set of activities will have to be performed and validated while preserving data integrity security and availability. From hardware and software selection passing by configuration, orchestration, compilation, to optimisation and results generation. Let’s take a deep dive into the world of High-Performance Computing with HILDA!

About the speaker

George Yazigi is the Digital Systems Manager and Architect at the Digital Aviation Research and Technology Centre (DARTeC), Cranfield University.

He has more than 23 years of experience in Software Engineering, Computer and data Science, architecting and designing digital security systems, High Performance and Cloud Computing Systems, and intelligent software platforms based among others on Big Data Analytics, Computational Intelligence and Machine and Deep Learning. George enjoys tennis, chess, and a fan of Arsenal!

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High performance computing in action with HILDA (AGM) - Bedford branch
Date and time
Monday 7 November, 6:20pm - 8:30pm
DARTeC, Cranfield University
College Road
Milton Keynes
MK43 0AL
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