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Julian Bill


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YouTube’s Creator organisation has a mission “To Protected and Unlock Content Value.” This talk will look at “Content ID” and its role in helping content creators, including some issues with copyright, metrics areas of functionality. Then, there will be discussion of the Creator Music product, that works on top of Content ID’s technology.

Creator Music has recently been announced and it has been three years in the making – a major undertaking. The talk will discuss the process of bringing it into being, the stages of development and launch, and what comes next.

Julian will be presenting the talk live from the USA. The session is free and open to everyone.

About the speaker

Julian Bill

I lead the product management team responsible for the suite of products that comprise “Content ID” within YouTube’s Creator organisation, where our mission is to "To Protect and Unlock Content Value".

This includes the products that allow YouTube’s creators to understand and resolve issues relating to the presence of third-party content in their videos and also protect their own video content when other creators use their content. We also build the products that enable licensing partners (E.G. record labels, movie studios, sports organisations, broadcasters and other types of rights-holder) to manage, protect and monetize their content and rights when they appear in videos uploaded to YouTube.

And we’re responsible for the suite of products necessary for us to comply with copyright regulation, including the US DMCA and Article 17 of the European Copyright Directive.

Further to this, our technology is used by various other products across YouTube including YouTube Shorts and YouTube Music and, more recently, we’ve launched products that enable creators to license commercial music directly from record labels and music publishers. I graduated from Aberystwyth University in 1996 with an MEng in Software Engineering.

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Webinar: Adventures with content at YouTube
Date and time
Wednesday 9 November, 6:00pm - 7:30pm

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