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  • Webinar: Big Green Week 2022: Tidal energy - perpetual green power from the sea

This presentation explores how the commercial deployment of tidal stream energy could fill the gap in the UK’s generating capacity.

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The unprecedented rise in energy prices, the drought in Europe and the constraints it has cause on nuclear reactor cooling and the reduction in Hydropower, along with last year’s 15% drop in wind power threatens our energy security and net zero ambitions.

This presentation will examine how the potential contribution of tidal stream energy could help to fill the gap in the UK’s generating capacity and enhance the manufacture of Green Hydrogen.

It will cover the environment, the energy generated, it’s predictability and the available resources, the manufacturing jobs and exports, safety, time to implementation, setup costs, ease of maintenance, time and cost of decommissioning.

The presentation will attempt to illustrate these points through the role of the proposed underwater turbine system planned for the South Coast of the Isle of Wight, by Perpetuus Tidal Energy Centre Ltd (PTEC) and our ambition to generate safe, clean, and predictable, renewable and sustainable energy.

It will also explain en route, how the turbine system works, the various phases of the project, from obtaining environmental planning permission, to investigating potential impact on wild life, navigation, right through to the final harnessing of power.

This is as part of the Big Green Week 2022.

About the speaker

Rear Admiral RP Stevens CB, Chairman of Perpetuus Tidal Energy Centre Limited is leading expert on tidal power.

Rob Stevens is a proven, well-respected Chairman with a wealth of experience across the whole maritime sector. He has a passion for the tidal stream energy sector as a potential corner stone of the UK’s excellence in renewable energy.

His particular expertise lies in the Solent region, where, as the author of the 2012 government study ‘Transforming Solent Marine and Maritime supplement’ he understands all the drivers necessary to improve growth in the region and the role of modern composites in marine manufacturing.

He also owns his own small successful consultancy, Stevens Marine Ltd, utilising his experience as CEO of the British Marine and the London and Southampton Boat Shows.

Rob served in the Royal Navy for more than 30 years, reaching the rank of Rear Admiral and Head of the British Submarine Service so he is also well versed in underwater and nuclear technology . He later became Chief of Staff in Naples, responsible for NATO Maritime Operations in the Mediterranean between 2001 and 2005.

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Webinar: Big Green Week 2022: Tidal energy - perpetual green power from the sea
Date and time
Friday 4 November, 5:00pm - 6:00pm

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