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  • Webinar: Let’s just stop writing requirements, we can’t write them properly anyhow

Got a problem of poor requirements - let's apply systems thinking to the problem and propose an out-of-the-box solution - a paradigm shift.

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This webinar is being presented from Australia.

The perennial problem of poor requirements still exists for more than 50 years. The presentation discusses the problem, and summarizes the application of systems thinking to the problem, perceiving requirements from the following eight different perspectives; Big Picture, Operational, Functional, Structural, Generic, Continuum, Temporal and Quantitative.

The presentation then proposes an out-of-the-box solution to the problem and provides several examples of successful system development using the alternative paradigm.

About the speaker

Dr Joseph Kasser DSc, CEng, CM, FIET, FIES, FINCOSE, G3ZCZ

Dr Joseph Kasser was a practicing systems engineer, manager, academic, mentor and teacher for 50 years in three continents before becoming a coach.

He developed and is using an EverCourse to create outstanding systems engineers, project managers and problem-solvers.

He is a recipient of NASA’s Manned Space Flight Awareness Award (Silver Snoopy) for performing and directing systems engineering and many other awards and commendations from employers and customers.

He is the author of seven published books on systems engineering and systems thinking and more than 50 peer reviewed journal and conference publications.

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Webinar: Let’s just stop writing requirements, we can’t write them properly anyhow
Date and time
Monday 7 November, 5:00pm - 7:00pm

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